Welcome to A1 Towers

In line with global development in the telecommunications industry, A1 Slovenia has separated its transmission tower business from the operator business in October 2022. In course of this separation A1 Towers (Slovenia) was created and the passive mobile infrastructure such as radio masts, containers (for electronic equipment) and property rights, was transferred to A1 Towers. The active mobile infrastructure such as transmission systems and antennas remained with A1 Slovenia.

This separation of the two business areas (passive mobile infrastructure operation and operator business) into two companies allows a clear focus on the respective core business, thereby increasing value for all stakeholders, especially customers.

A1 Towers provides first class wholesale services for a wide range of customers. The company is dedicated to meet the increasing demand for high quality infrastructure solutions and provides a sound basis for a future large scale 5G development.

A1 Towers is owned by A1 Telekom Austria Group.

Strong presence

A1 Towers is providing solutions and services to deploy and support wireless networks with national site development teams, who can quickly and cost effectively build one or many new sites.

A1 Towers is dedicated to continue its development in a sustainable way, embedding environmental and social values in its daily activities as key drivers for long-term success.